Delilah!: The Haircut Happens February 17-19 at 8pm in LH328!

Delilah!: The Haircut Happens February 17-19 at 8pm in LH328!
Come see the new and innovative retelling of the age old story of "Samson and Delilah". This student thesis production is written, directed, and run by Butler Theatre students and asks tough questions about the nature of love, strength, and difficult decisions.

Can a betrayal be an act of love? Can a traitor also be a savior?
Can a woman wear more than one face?

Friday, December 24, 2010

Costume Designs

Hey there! Just some costume designs I thought I'd post to peak some interest. These aren't final, but they are pretty cool! Overall, I wanted the costumes to have a middle eastern influence, but not to be "period" bibical dress.
Delilah needed to be different from the rest of them culturally because of the story, she also needed to have a transition from her original job as a courtesan to her stable relationship with Samson.

Samson's design is based on influences from Egypt (i.e. Exodus), and on some desert/warrior motifs as well. He's meant to look tough but not the same as the philistines. His headdress allows us to cut off his braids every night and replace them in the clasp for the next day.

The Philistines are meant to be like executives that have had to live in the desert, cannibalizing their clothes and tools. However rough and post apocalyptic they live, they are in charge and so want to appear to be strong. They hate Samson because he challenges their power.

I still need to design for the extras of the cast, three women who will dance and help create the scenes. They are philistines but less executive than those with lines. I'll post them as soon as I can. 

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